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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Caturday, Chair Tent 4

MARLEY:  So then Ayla asked politely iffen she could come up.  I said she could.
She was very good about it.
We talked fer a while.  About mousies, treats, foods, Iza, TBT, etc...
And she asked iffen she could nap there.  I said "yes".
Ayla allus naps nicely...I like when she does.
So I told her she was welcome here annytime as long as she dint mess up the tent.  She never does...  She is such a great sisfur.  Of course, I love Iza too.  I forgive her when she is annoyin.  Shes just THAT way sometimes.  As a good mancat an brother, I put up with it.