Friday, May 31, 2013


MARLEY:  Im hiding to ambush Iza today,  She jumped me yesserday, so its my turn.

Im not sure which spot is better, but Im sure they are both good!

Just so long as she cant see me hidin here as she walks by, ya know.?

Am I better hid in the bloo sheet or the fancy towel?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday


Welcome to my garden tour!  Not TOO many plants flowerin right now.  The Spring ones are done and the Summer ones are just gettin started.

This yeller one is a favrit.  We dont know the name but its pretty.  There used to be more of them.  It looks real nice next to the Purple Rain Stachys.  Kind of Eastery, which is odd for it being so hot today.  If ya like the yellow ones, ya look from this side.
An iffen ya like the purple ones, ya look from THIS side.  There will be a lot more of the purple ones soon.
This is Baptisia.  It comes from Australia!  There will be lots more blooms on IT pretty soon too.
The tomaters are all lookin good, though I really dont care about veggies all that much.  Still, some of the fruits will be pretty to look at later an TBT LOVES them.  There are 12 of them around the yard.
Given it is 92 today, we are gonna have snacks in the open toolshed where it is shady an the cement floor is cool and dry.  Ayla has put out shrimps and ham!  An we have Meowgaritas and some toona juice.  There are also treats in the green bowl...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

MARLEY:  Surprise, its ME not Iza (the tummy Queen Bee).  She dared me (AND offerred Lots Of Treats) iffen I would do it.  Treats will do it fer me evrytime.

Best I could do.  Iza is sure better at it.  But there I am...
And TBT suggested I show off my white manly chest and knee-high white socks, nose, and back white legs in the "spirit of the day".   Wellll. OK.
But I am feeling suspicious.  While TBT never promised annything, Iza did, and I can hear her chompin kibbles.  Sory, I gotta run see what she is doing.

AHA!  Caught her in mid-chew.  Iza, where are my "Lots Of Kibbles?  She pointed to a spot so I ran.  There were 3 kibbles... 

I've been HAD.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  Since its a nice day, Im doin the Easy out on the deck.  Iza an Marley are nappin inside, so they werent ready when TBT opened the deck door.  I ran right out. 
Now neither of them are outside with me ta chase me up the fence.   Yay!
So Im havin an Easy time just sittin here watchin the birds an sniffin the air.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Caturday, Chair Tent 4

MARLEY:  So then Ayla asked politely iffen she could come up.  I said she could.
She was very good about it.
We talked fer a while.  About mousies, treats, foods, Iza, TBT, etc...
And she asked iffen she could nap there.  I said "yes".
Ayla allus naps nicely...I like when she does.
So I told her she was welcome here annytime as long as she dint mess up the tent.  She never does...  She is such a great sisfur.  Of course, I love Iza too.  I forgive her when she is annoyin.  Shes just THAT way sometimes.  As a good mancat an brother, I put up with it.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Chair Tent 3

MARLEY: I had great fun in my chair-tent!  I sat inside.
I leaned over the arm!
I curled up inside!

It is SUCH a great place ta nap!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:   Hi there!  Glad you could visit to come along on todays garden tour.  I have some VERY pretty flowers ta show.  With the warming weather, the rains, and the sun, some of the plants are bloomin their little flowerheads off!

First, I want to show ya the star of todays tour.  Isnt that bootiful?  Its a single Clematis flower that poked through the Nandina shrubs.  Its the same kind (but not the same plant) what is in our header.  We lost the name of it.
Close to it and down low here is a clump of Spiderwort.  Lots of English plants end in "wort" (TBT tells me) and means "cures it".
Over here is the Wave Petunia TBT overwintered.  The stems are gettin longer and there are new buds forming.  Iffen it does well this year, there will be a 2' circle of flowers by late Summer!
And here we have a cheerful little Pansy full of happy little faces!  I told TBT that, next year, he should plant a purple one an a yeller one in the same hole and get both colors together.  He dint look too thrilled about buying twicet as many Pansies this Fall, BUT I could see his face imaginin the way they would look.  MOL, readin his face is SO EASY...
This is the one lone survivor of a patch planted way before I got here.  We dont know its name and it grows from one single stem so we cant divide it an get more.  I just hope it keeps showin up again each year.
Lets see, whats next...
One last Columbine here is still bloomin.  I wish we had more of THAT one!
This Rose is the last of a bed TBT planted when he moved here.  WAY before my time.  Before Skeeters time, in fact.  He gave up on them cuz those Japanese Beetles ate them all up.  But this one blooms really early, before those beetles wake up all hungry.
Now lets go up on the deck fer treats an ta talk about the flowers.  Marley was a little bit annoyed at the common stuff Ayla offerred last week, so he "offerred" to do the catering this week.  Lets see what he chosen...

Ooh, we have HAM and Chick-hen cubes, bits of cheese, and some fancy treats.  Fer drinks, we have toona juice, rainwater-blended-with-Nip (from the freshly-cleaned rain gauge), and some heavy cream!  Way ta go, Marley!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chair Tent 2

MARLEY: Hmm, Iza is jealouser than I realized.  She is tryin to tear my chair tent down!
She IS pretty good at tearing stuff apart...  You should see what she does to egg-cartons!
So she got down at the floor and "did her thing".
Fortunately, TBT intervened an made her stop.  That was good cuz I never want to raise a paw at my sisfurs.  That wouldnt be right.  TBT says I should just "take it" an discuss it later.   
And I DID!  We had a fambly meeting and Iza pologized.  Well considerin she was caught on camera, she dint have much choice.  It wasnt so much what she DID, it was that she recognized that she did wrong.  My chair tent is very important to me and I need TBT to fix it back up right.  I cant do it myself...

Of course, she never changes, but ya have ta accept that from yer furblings.    They are what they are.

Oh, Im sposed to mention that TBT is sufferred another birfday yesserday.  I think he is a squillion now.  Mebbe a squillion and elebenty-something.   He is 5x our total full year ages +3 today.  Can you guess his age?  Should we order a cane fer him on Amazon? 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We Are Staying Quiet Today

With sad thoughts for the Beins and critters who were harmed by the terrible tornado in Oklahoma yesserday, we are just sitting quietly with crossed paws and purrs of hope and comfort...

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mancat Monday - Chair Tent

MARLEY:  You wont beleeve it, my old chair tent re-appeared today!
I ran RIGHT IN!  Oh chair tent, I missed you so much while Grampa was here.  He took over my chair, ya know?  Now dont unnerstand wrong, I allowed that.  He did need a chair ya know.  But I sure was happy ta see it reappear.

Iza tried to push her way in, but I dint allow that, I whapped her from unnerneath rather fiercly and she apologized an ran away.  Shes actally a good sisfur, she just thinks shes in charge of evrything.  Sometimes I just have to remind her that shes not.
An I am SO HAPPY about seeing it again that TBT says I can post about it fer DAYS!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  Iza an Marley are outside, so Im doing the Easy Sunday Easy myself today. 
I sure like the bloo blankies, but this extra towel is special-colorful!  I'll allow that today.
Sometimes, "fancy" is good.  And who doesnt like an extra softy towel on the pile?

Friday, May 17, 2013


TBT:  You know how sometimes the cats all have good spots to sleep though the night?  And not on you sometimes?  And sometimes you don't worry about that?  And you know you got them in before dark?

What if you forgot where they were?

I forgot yesterday.

I had a very peaceful night in bed.   But at 6 am I suddenly woke up and realized they WEREN'T in the house.  I nomally just KNOW where they all are.  I was stunned.  I ran out onto the deck in my underwear and there they were all sleeping happily on the deck near the door.

They woke up. stretched and sauntered inside as if it was normal.  Oh man, did they eat a lot of food though.  And even Marley didn't complain when I picked him up afterwards!

We all went to bed after that for another 5 hours.  We all slept like logs.  Marley and Iza were under the blankets with me, and Ayla was on top of my legs as she prefers for some unaccountable reason.

I can't believe that I lost track of where they were.  In 45 years of cats, that has never happened before.  I sure hope it never happens again...

Freaky Friday

MARLEY:  TBT tried to get us all in one picture.  Well, we WERE all in a row. There I was on TBTs lap, Iza on the otto-man, and Ayla on the TV stand.  She likes to watch the TV eyeball to screen.  She keeps hoping fer golf cuz she loves to watch the little ball move around.
Ayla isnt yackin here.   It was a yawn.  (Just made ya yawn, right?)  Stuff blowin up doesnt innerest her, but golf balls do.  Girlcats...  I loved the esplosions.  Bright fancy colors!
Iza doesnt seem ta care about annythin on the TV.  Come ta think about it, I'm not sure she has EVER paid the least attention to stuff on the TV.  TBT says he is gonna put the catsitter DVD on sometime soon to see iffen she even pays attention to the mousies an birdies.  Ayla an I sure do!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to this weeks garden tour.  Please come along an Ill show ya whats bloomin this week!  BTW, that tall grass in front of me isnt unmowed, its the seedheads of the blue fescue border.  But I will hafta remind TBT to trim them off.
 First, we have the Spring Flowerin Almond bush.  They wernt bloomin last week and here they are all fadin away already.  Some years they bloom better than others.
On the other paw, the Columbines have been bloomin longer than usual, which is nice.  I like the way the flowers bloom way up high on skinny little stems.
This is the most dense part of the perennial bed.  All these plants just keep growing year after year so thick that there are no weeds fer TBT ta hafta pull.  He LOVES that!
Ill also have ta remind TBT that there are altogether too many weeds in the vegtable garden pathways.  Its annoyin ta have ta hop over them alla time.

The Pansies are bloomin real nice now.  They finally caught up after bein planted kinna late last Fall.  An notice the red an white Wave Petunia.  TBT dug it up last Fall and grew it inside all Winter.  There are 2 cuttings of it there too, but they are still small an got no flowers yet.
Ya can see it better up close like this.  It should spread out an fill an area the size of a trash can lid in a few months!
The Azaleas dint do much this year an bloomed just a few at a time this year.  These are the last ones.
And finally, this is my favrit Hosta.  I like the color patterns.  The purplish plant next to it is a Japanese Painted Fern.  We have a bunch of them scattered around the hosta bed.
Ayla says there are snacks out on the patio unner the deck.  Its a bit warm today so the shade will feel good.  Plus its nice an dusty-dry fer rollin around.  She is keepin the snacks simple today.  She has brought out some Stinky Goodness (Wellness an Avoderm) to try out iffen ya havent had those before.  Plus there is real treats an nip-water.