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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

MARLEY:  Surprise, its ME not Iza (the tummy Queen Bee).  She dared me (AND offerred Lots Of Treats) iffen I would do it.  Treats will do it fer me evrytime.

Best I could do.  Iza is sure better at it.  But there I am...
And TBT suggested I show off my white manly chest and knee-high white socks, nose, and back white legs in the "spirit of the day".   Wellll. OK.
But I am feeling suspicious.  While TBT never promised annything, Iza did, and I can hear her chompin kibbles.  Sory, I gotta run see what she is doing.

AHA!  Caught her in mid-chew.  Iza, where are my "Lots Of Kibbles?  She pointed to a spot so I ran.  There were 3 kibbles... 

I've been HAD.