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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday


Welcome to my garden tour!  Not TOO many plants flowerin right now.  The Spring ones are done and the Summer ones are just gettin started.

This yeller one is a favrit.  We dont know the name but its pretty.  There used to be more of them.  It looks real nice next to the Purple Rain Stachys.  Kind of Eastery, which is odd for it being so hot today.  If ya like the yellow ones, ya look from this side.
An iffen ya like the purple ones, ya look from THIS side.  There will be a lot more of the purple ones soon.
This is Baptisia.  It comes from Australia!  There will be lots more blooms on IT pretty soon too.
The tomaters are all lookin good, though I really dont care about veggies all that much.  Still, some of the fruits will be pretty to look at later an TBT LOVES them.  There are 12 of them around the yard.
Given it is 92 today, we are gonna have snacks in the open toolshed where it is shady an the cement floor is cool and dry.  Ayla has put out shrimps and ham!  An we have Meowgaritas and some toona juice.  There are also treats in the green bowl...