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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

IZA: I hope I dint use these before, but Im tired an wanna go sleep on TBT!  Besides. he is a sleep an its hard ta paw the keyboard right ta get the newest pics.
So Iffen I used these before, just think of it as a really recent flashback, MOL!

I love doin the floaty toes. too.
Here, Im showin off my minklike furs.  Go ahead an let yer Moms stroke it. I enjoy it.
Marley an Ayla say their furs are JUST as nice to stroke.  Well, no.  Its the differnce between carpet and silk...  Hey, I KNOW my best feature is that Im a fat plump ball of boneless silky softness, but ya gotta go with what ya got, right?