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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Thursday Garden Tour

IZA:  Well, I have some great flowers this week!  Please come along with me to see them...  Oh, sorry, I'm just checking TBT seeds...

Lets go out an take a look at what we got...  Well the tamaters and peppers are growin.
The Weigala is doing its best bloomin.  It really needs better sunpuddles.
The beans are startin to emerge.  
As are the cucumbers.
The pansies (Oh gosh I love them) are doin their best flowerin now.  And that Wave Petunia is growing after a few weeks just makin roots.
The Stella D' Oros edgin the annual bed are bloomin.  Finally!  Last year it was in the 3rd week of May.  Well, it was a cool late Spring.
The Stachys are in full bloom.  They don't last long, but they sure are pretty when they do.
Here is the 1st lily bloomin.  It isnt the nice-smelly kind, but it sure is pretty.
The Dianthus are startin to bloom.  The white flowers were turn purple inna couple weeks.
The Troillus are starting ta bloom today too.  They only live a few years.  We like them but won't keep planting them every few years.
Here are some lillies what will be bloomin fer weeks.  See all the flower buds?  I counted 15 on one plant.  Seriously, I needed both front paws and a back one to keep count!  Last year, I only needed front paws.
Well, that's a lot this week. 

Lets go up on the deck.  Its kinna cool today, so its nice there.  What do we have today...

OMC, its ALL treats today.  Marley must have arranged it (he is smilin in the background).  There are Pounce treats of 3 flavors. an TBT has brought out Mint/Gin/Nip drinks.  Um, well give it a try.  Woah, what's this?  Pounce Chicken?  Lets get at that fast!