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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Good-Smelly Bag

TBT emptied out our new bag of Eukanuba kibble (hes mean - he puts it in big plastic jars we cant open) and then put the bag down on the floor.  We all ran over to check it out and sniff it.
We all took turns an Ayla even stuck her head inside.
Marley wanted to get in further, but the bag kept sliding along the floor.  Finally he pinned it against the wall and shoved himself WAY in!  We could hear him LICKING THE BAG inside.  OMC he loves that stuff.   Took him a bit of werk to get back out though cuz he was tryin ta back out using just his rear feet!  He said he finally figured to push on the inside with his front feet an got right out.  But he also said he isnt goin back in...
[UPDATE:  Based on comment questions, we have ta say that we dint see anny crumbs in the bag when Marley got out.  But we're confused.  If there werent anny crumbs ta begin with, there wouldnt be anny after.  But if there WERE crumbs an Marley ate them, there STILL wouldnt be anny after.  So we cant tell iffen he found a lot or not!  And he aint sayin...]