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Friday, June 14, 2013

Day-After-Thursday Garden Tour

IZA:  Well, I postponed yesserdays garden tour because of the weather, an then hardly ANNYTHING happened at OUR yard.  BTB says that the storm split an part when south of us an part went north.  Others around the area werent so lucky, so we are thinking of them.

But there are some nice flowers to see.  The lillies are bloomin!

This planter box has a LOT of lilies.  Here are some in one corner.

The bees like them too.
 And here is the lilies in the other corner of the box.  These are the short early ones, an they have no smell.  The bigger good-smelly ones will bloom later.
Then down here by the garden paths are yeller lilies that will bloom several times all summer.

This row is on the other side of the annual bed.  TBT likes them cuz he can divide them every few years and spread them around ta other parts of the yard.

An finally, here is the really well-established part of the flowerbed.  Other parts dont have large patches of the same flower (yet).  But we are werkin on that!
It is so nice today that we can have snacks on a shady part of the lawn.  Today Ayla an Marley have selected some ham TBT bought today, Nipshakes, and Pounce catnip flavor treats!

Thank you so much fer coming along on my postponed Garden Tour...