Thursday, June 20, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday


Hi!  I have a nice change ta show you in the flowerbed for this weeks Garden Tour.

Ya may remember that the annual flowerbed looked like this fer a couple months from this older picture.
It was all Pansies planted last Fall.  Well last week they all croaked!  TBT says they dont like Summer.  So he pulled them up an really dug up the whole thing last week as in THIS picture!
After he pulled up LOTS up grass root runners what were sneakin all through the dirt, he broke up all those big dirt clumps an smoothed it all out an put in NEW flowers.  They are Zinnias.  But today, ya can see the results; take a look at it now...
Ya can see them a little better closer up here, but they are still small.  Inna month or so, they should pretty much fill in the whole area.
We had to buy flowers this year.  Fer some reason, the red Salvia and bloo Forget-Me-Nots just dint grow well from seed.  The only pretty sun-liking flowers TBT could find at the stores in big multi-cel packs were the Zinnias.  He said there were lots of other pretty flowers but they either wanted only shade OR they were in expensive individual pots.

So with the orinj Marigolds (not blooming yet) and all the orinj Zinnias, it looks like orinj will be the main color this year fer the annual flowers.

The perennials have some differnt colors, but they dont bloom all Summer and Fall.  Still, we got these nice purple Achillea here.
The red Astilbe and the bloo Stokesia are getting ready ta bloom, but there is nothin ta see there yet.  Mebbe next week...

So lets go have some snacks up on the deck.  We have some ham left from Aylas birfday party, some meowgaritas fer the growncats, toona juice fer allcats, and some assorted crunchy treats!


And forgive us fer thinking about this so late.  We miss Skeezix and so we thought to post  these...
Forget Me Nots shaped as a heart...

Sorry we couldnt get Forget Me Nots and Pink together...