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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Wow, we got surprized today with some new blooms!  I sure wasnt expectin them.  So lets go take a look...

We got Stokesia blooms.  There will be more next week, but I always enjoy seein the first ones.  
See them closer up?
Then we have the additional Wave Petunias.  I TOLD TBT we needed a couple more in the front an he FOUND some!  They will start spreading out inna Big Moon or so.
More lilies are bloomin too.  These look a bit odd cuz they flopped over an TBT hadda tie them up a bit.  But they should start bloomin more flowers again soon.  They HATE bein flopped over.  See all the new buds?
AND we have the first Butterfly Bush flowers?  This one was real early and the rest are barely showing at all.  It will be better inna month but it is sure nice ta see one now.  The butterflies like it SO MUCH!
Now lets get some snacks!  Marley has set us up in the shade, which us good cuz its kinna hot in the sunny areas.    Ayla says we have Niptinis, 2 kinds of crunchy treats (Salmon and Chick-hen), an bits of PIG what TBT thawed out fer his dinner.  We hope he isnt hungry today, cuz I think we are gonna eat it all.  Dont worry, he has lots of other stuff ta eat.