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Friday, June 28, 2013

Freaky Friday of a Past Day

Do you amember that LAST Friday we mentioned a birdicide but dint have a picture cuz the camera died?  We dint think the camera werked on the tired battery, but it got ONE picture of the birdicide! 
The birdie endeded its life oddly.  It smashed into the deck door but kept flying.  TBT was out there, so he saw it all.  The birdie flew up to the rain gutter after smashin into the glass door an we were all watching it.  To our delight, the wings may have been werkin, but the wings discovered the head wasnt.

It just fell down.  Naturally, we were right on it.  Dream come true.  While it does happen sometimes, it sure doesnt happen OFTEN!  Even Ayla ran out an she doesnt come out on the deck very much.

We had played with it a bit, but it wasnt playin back at all, so we stopped.  So it was a bit draggled.  Thats when Ayla ran out to take a look-see.  She had a fun time flippin it around, but the camera really WAS dead  so this is the only one we got.