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Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Not So Easy Like Sunday Easy

MARLEY:  I started my Easy on the top platform of the old cat tree TBT built himself.  The new bought ones are great, but sometimes ya want a new spot (an the carpet is thicker here). n I expected a good long Easy.

Then Ayla hopped up an started ta settle down, but reminded me that she had been practicin the Easy on the new cat tree in the main room, and wanted ta do it there.  I said "fine, go do the Easy there".

That didnt thrill her.  She said Iza was out there and had kinna chased her away.  Oh cod, here we go again.  I try to stay out of these little hissy fights, but TBT keeps tellin me to help keep the peace...  Ayla was VERY agitated and kept walking around in circles on the middle platform.  Which started ta make me a little dizzy (she circles fast).

 OK Ayla, tell me about it an I'll see what I can do.

Ayla - "Well, I was doing the Easy on the next-to-top platform like yesserday, as I planned.  Then Iza came up the tree as graceful as a moose inna ceramics museum, ya know?  She stepped on me, and then kept pawin my tail from above.  When I told her ta stop, she said she would bite my ear and then eat my dinner tonight."

Marley:  It awkward.  I think Ayla culd stand up for herself better, but she does only weigh 7.5 pounds an Iza weighs almos 12.  So I said "For now, calm down, settle on the platform and nap in safety.  I'm right here.

Later, I will talk to Iza an tell her to leave you alone fer a few days.  She will do it when I remind her to.  But unnerstand that she probly dint even KNOW you were on the middle platform when she ran up to the top one.  And you DO have a very long enticing twitchy tail (which I of course never paw at).  But I will talk to her about this..."
Then I meowed her to sleep.

"Sleep little older sister, don't you fear.
I will always always always be near.
When you are worried, feeling so small,
I will be here in day and night standing tall."

She finally slept.  TBT came in with the camera, but I waved him off...  I told him not to disturb troubled sleep...  I napped after that, but keeping one ear open for Iza.

Tomorrow:  I will have a serious talk with Iza...