Monday, July 01, 2013

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Well, as I promised Ayla yesserday, I found a chance to talk to Iza about her annoyin Ayla just cuz she is smaller.
Iza was watchin an ant on the floor, so I sat down beside her and commented on it.  I can sit with both Ayla and Iza just fine an there are no problems.

Iza respects strength, and at the same weight, I AM stronger than she is.  I only had to prove it twice.  We look about the same, but she is a bit of a fatty (no disrepect meant, that is just HER) an I am typically more muslcy.  So she doesn't get at MY food, ya know?

So I brought up the subject of Ayla.  Iza looked away a bit, so I knew she  was a little embarassed.  I asked her to stop bullying Ayla.  She looked at me in surprise, but I assured her I dint intend to bully HER.  Just that TBT had talked to me about "training" and I was sure she wouldn't really like THAT (nor would TBT), but it MIGHT have to happen if she didnt let up on Ayla.

I did talk to Iza a while about it not bein fair to chase an annoy Ayla just cuz she is smaller than we are.  Some of that may have gotten through.  We'll see.