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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Happiness With The Old Reader, And Other Stuffs

OK, first, we looked for TBT's "restart button" tonight an we think we found it.  We were feelin around with our claws out around his back and he yelped once, so that was probly it.  Annyway, he has been more normal since then...

He caught a evil skwerl, but can ya beleeve he DIDNT GIVE IT TO US!  He said it probly had fleas.  Welllll, OK, we dont want fleas.  But he could have fleacombed it and THEN given it to us.  He said HE dint want fleas.  Or ticks.  Excuses excuses; perfectly good squirrel gone to waste...  OK, the very rare flea, we unnerstand.  Ticks, though, give us the creepies, so we allowed him to get rid of the tree rat carcass.  We'll keep tryin to catch a live clean one.

But the good noos is that he fussed around with The Old Reader today and got it sort of working like he wanted.  Sigh, he is SO fussy sometimes.  He says the world is run by Beins who don't accept things as they are, or something like that. 

But we checked it out earlier tonight.  Its "ok" but lacks features we are used to.  We told TBT to write a better one for us, but he just fell on the floor laffin.  We dint know we made a joke but apparently it was a good one....

Oh, speakin of skwerls, we got good reception on the Skwerl TV channel today.  See?
 You WONT beleeve what it was doing today!
It was EATING one of our lily flowers...
Darn, we were told those things were poisonous.  Apparently not to evil skwerls...  Thats not fair!  Well, mebbe it at least gave it a tummyache.  An mebbe then it will fall right out of the tree at our feet like a birdie smashing into the glass doors. 

Well, we can DREAM, right?