Saturday, July 06, 2013

Caturday Saturday

Well it was real hot out today, so we just stayed in the shade when out an didnt do annything innerestin.  An inside the house was too messy fer anny pictures.  Laundry on the bed, cookin stuff all around the kitchen, boxes (not good ones fer sittin in) all around the living room...

So we told TBT to see what was goin on this day LAST year.  We found a cool picture...
It was moths on the deck screen!  More moths than we ever saw at one time...  Ayla kept tryin ta jump up an catch one.  We thought her mind was off, but she said she KNEW they were outside and she was practicing her combination "jump and whap".  Ummm, mebbe.  She does do that a lot and her accuracy is pawsome.  She can grab flies right outta the air.

So, enjoy some moths, MOL!

[Update 10pm: The crazy people have started boomies again]