Sunday, July 07, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA :  We  voted about what to put up up today for it an I won.  Well it was kinna uniminious.  Iza's recent pictures were better fer Toesey Tuesday an Wensday, and so were Marleys.  We might be usin them fer Toesy Tuesdays a couple weeks.  They are that good. 

But that left mine to use today, so I won...

Well, the main part of Easy is being comfortable what yer doin, right?  An this is where I am comfortable.
I LOVE, nay DEMAND, to eat my stinky goodness foods way up high like this.   Its the only place I like to.  Its safe from the "Devouring Mouth" (Iza) so I can take my time eating. 
Thats important to me to eat slowly.  Ya see, Iza just inhales food as fast as she can.  Until she throws up iffen she can get enough.  Marley an I don't like that much.  We gotta walk around the stuff untill TBT sees it an removes it (which he is good at).  We dont think her tummy werks right, though the vet can't find annything wrong. Purrsonally, I think she is just a pig.  
But annyway, I am doing the Easy today up on my high eatingplace.  I have almost ALL my meals up here an I LOVE it.  I have my green towel ta eat on an my bloo towel to nap on.  Thats as Easy as I can think of...