Friday, July 12, 2013


IZA:  The grass is real long and it rained like hell last night, so it is soaking wet.  Im stayin up on the deck!
I feel sorry fer the neighbor kitty though.  It stayed out last night through the rains!  We dint know it was in our yard, but the neighbor guy rang the doorbell this morning (we all went to the top of the stairs and growled at the door).  He told TBT that his kitty had got out and found a hole unner our fence an wouldnt come back when called.

He said she was an indoor kitty who never stepped off the patio on the rare time when she did go out but for some reason decided to explore.  She picked a bad night for that!  They found her unner our deck against the foundation, an that area stays dry, so that was good.  TBT said she was real quiet but friendly.

An he says shes missin a back paw!  Not from last night, she was borned that way; thats why they chose her.  So iffen we ever see her in our yard when we are out, we wont chase her away...