Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Very Werdy Wensday

IZA:  I am SO happy!  My beloved Spittikins FINALLY covered me in bling again!

OK, he OWED it cuz I caught him hittin on Ayla and it TOOK HIM A WHILE, but he DID come through an I appreciate that he did.  I mean, Ayla really isnt his type.

Look at THIS...
 Am I covered with proof of his love or what?

I LOVE bling.  Especially Goth bling.  What can I say; Im a Goth girlcat.  And My Darling Spittikins really came through on his make-it-up-to-me promise...

I can't decide which I love the best.  The collar is so fantastic, the vest is outstanding, and the red jewel on the forehead is very special.  Not sure what to call that.  A tiara drop?

But the bestest thing HAS to be the back leg wrapping.  Pure silver wire an with a red jewel.  Sigh...  Its a little odd to walk around on, but I will save it fer special occasions like when my darling Spittikins visits to rest his weary head on my soft tummy after a long day of Kinglike werk!.

I am so happy to be loved by such a special mancat like Spitty-Lovey...  Obviously, he likes ME more than anny of those OTHER girlcats.  That kinna bling isnt casual.