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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

We are all doin our best today.
Marley is, amazingly, outside.

Sunday Twisted Sister

AYLA:  Iza found a box ta hop into the other day.  Guess who dint bother ta read the box first, MOL?  It certainly suits her to a "T".  T fer "TWISTED" that is.

Shes bootiful, mean, has "angel eyes", is whappy, has soft fur, is devious, lovey to TBT, an ambusher, and lap-napper but claw sticker when she does.  So "Twisted" seems purrfect fer her.
Its like she flips a coin in her head every few minnits (An I DO think there IS room in there fer that) to decide how she will act next.
Heres a ezample.  She is lookin sweet an innocent...
Then see the laser eyes here?  She slips an reveals her true nature sometimes...
And then in a (lack of) flash, she is back to lookin sweet again.
Shes sneaky.
An twisted!