Tuesday, July 23, 2013

No-Tummy Tuesday

IZA:  Thats right, its a no-tummy picture today
See, what happened was that TBT tossed a couple of door mats up onna hard chair so he could vacuum the floors.  So I took advantage of that and hopped right up an napped.  So he SWEPT the floors instead of usin the sucky-machine so he wouldnt disturb me.  I tell you kitties I have got him TRAINED good!

Then later when he decided I had napped fer a while, he said it was tummy-picture time.  I said "No, Im still nappin.  Go away"!  He took this picture annyway.  But no tummy-pictures (and I thought I had my toesies all covered too).

Ya know, when you give yer Bein a firm decision, ya gotta stick with it or it just confuses them.  But I'll try to make up for it next week...