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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Not Werdless Wensday

MARLEY:  Wow, first it was "No-Tummy Tuesday" and now its "Not Werdless Wensday"!  Will tomorrow be "No Garden Tour Thursday"?  Where will it end?

Well, I have werds to say.

Mainly, we got a WHOLE NEW SHELF WORTH of Stinky Goodness arrived at the front door!  I dont know how that happens.  I was thinking Ceiling Cat, but TBT just says "no" and smiles and walks away.  So Im baffled.  But pleased...
Meanwhile, TBT says I should mention that The Old Reader has been pretty much down with "server problems" so its been hard to visit our friends since then an we hope you will all be patient another couple days.  We tried Feedly, but TBT seems to have lost it.  Then we tried the list in our blogger dashboard, but it is SO OLD that half are inactive, half are places where we gotta log in all new each time, and half are places we already visited but it doesnt keep track of that. 

We hope you all are having better luck visitin.  We are thankful fer each an evry visitor we get in these hard RSS times.

So we are gonna focus on helpin TBT take neat new pictures of us for future posts until The Old Reader is werkin again.  An tryin ta mess up the house as fast as he can clean it...