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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Well The Old Reader down or not, I still want to have a garden tour today.  Cuz today is Daylily week!  We got some nice ones ta show...
Considerin that most are bit shaded most of the day, these are doing rather nicely.  I like tough determined flowers.  They are kinna like me!
TBT says he is gonna rearrange the garden a bit this Fall an put all the daylilies in sunnier spots, so they should be MUCH happier next year.
But how much happier can they get from these flowers?

Hmmm?  Oh, he says they can have MORE flowers and that makes sense.  That would make them MUCH happier.

Now, given that today is much nicer than all the days fer almost 2 WEEKS, we are gonna have our snacks out on the lawn.  TBT is bringin them out (Ayla spills full bowls - well so would I, I spose)...

Lets see.  Skwerl Legs?  Ayla you dint!  Oh, TBT says they are boneless chick-hen wings.  Whew!  And are those, really "Nipmopolitans"?  Outstanding new offer AYLA!  And Marley is draggin out (most of) a pouch of rabbit-flavor lo-cal treats.  Hey Marley, "is that a statement about my weight - GRR"?

"Norpf"  (drops pouch).  "No" I mean not at all.  I tried "a few" and loved them myself.   They were a gift from (more on that soon).  Try them, their "GRRR-ATE"*

* No copyright violations here, we're sure...