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Friday, July 26, 2013

Freaky Friday

AYLA:  TBT says my efforts to catch insects on the outside of the deck door is "freaky"!  I call it "practice".  But Iza and especially Marley say Im a bit freaky about it and HIS opinion matters to me a lot.  So I'll worry about THAT tomorrow.

KATYDIDS!  I LOVE them.  They are jumpy, chompy, an colorful.  I seldom see them outside, so I gotta try and catch them when I DO see them!  I don't care if I cant catch them when inside, I just HAVE to go after them.

Iza (and even Marley) are just mostly jealous cuz I can stand up like this.
Even bendy-over whappin the glass...
But I have to follow the katydid down the glass.
Not a flatterin pose, but TBT admired how I can do the whippy-tail an not move the rest of me.  So I allowed it.  My whippy-tail is a important part of me.
The katydid crawled into a, um, bar on the door.  I am showin ya where it is.  See the distance between my ears.  Now look that far more down.  Its a pale green angle-thingie.  Did I get myself positioned right fer that TBT?  Yes?  Good.  Ears are good ta measure with fer the camera.
Now its moved farther over.  Oh now theres a moth to look at too.  
Oh no, come back katydid, I dint mean to ignore ya fer the moth!  Come back.

Drat, no more katydid.  I insulted it by moth-distraction...  *sigh*