Wednesday, July 31, 2013


It was a long struggle, because TBT went through a long list of Mac RSS sites, but they were all apps that dint wanna werk on a regular puter very well.  So we finally went to Feedly and turned it into something we recocognizes.  It wasn't easy.  Fortunately, there were lots of treats involved.

But we FINALLY see a list of our favrit blogs on one side.  TBT says he would rather have faced a dozen tomato-eating evil skwerls...  Apparently, most RSSs assume we have mobile wireless devices or something like that.  We dont.  TBT hadda beat the Feedly into submission, but it did werk.  The bad news is that every blog we loaded (um, HE loaded) took manual werk ta put them all in the "Kitty Blog" folder, but they all had hunerds of posts came along. We hadda delete them (our active paws came in handy fer that - Us bein Ayla an Marley).   Iza sat on the back of the chair an pawed at TBT when he slacked.  So she helped too.

It will take a few days to catch up with all our friends' posts, but we will.  TBT says we can still scroll down to see the recent ones at each friend's blog, but it may take some time before we catch the mice, oops before we catch up with evrykitty.

An BTW, TBT says we should all thank The Old Reader folks fer doin the best they could when they got swamped be us Google Reader refugees. They did what they could but they werent expectin to go from 2,000 users to 400,000 users in a month.  We thanked them on their discussion site.

An we thank Feedly fer bein there too.  Its not like TBT could write an RSS program, ya know.  Heck, he quit writing programs at Fortran 4 an Basic.  But he amembers. so he knows a mousewhisper about it.

Us, we dont really care, as long as the visiting stuff werks, right?

An what the heck, heres a picture of us all together on the cat trees from last year...

The Good, The Fat, and The Marley

AYLA:  I'm "the Good" of course an Marley is Marley.  You can guess where that leaves Iza!  
See, TBT feeds me up high here, an Marley waits for me to eat my fill before he jumps up to lick the bowl clean (if there is anny left).   Usually, he waits til I hop down though.  Iza cant jump up that high.  But she caught both of us up there.  She said ta either push the bowl down, or she was gonna pounce the first one of us who jumped.
So Marley an I discussed what ta do.  There was still food in the bowl, but we were both full.  Still, we dint wanna give it to Iza unner threat.
I suggested mebbe we could make the bowl land upside down an TBT would rush in ta clean it up, but it was an iffy aim.  Good old Marley, he reluctantly decided he COULD clean the bowl.  Unlike Iza, Marley can eat ANNY amount of food an not throw up.
So when Iza could tell there was no food left, SHE left (leaving behind a few Farts of Frustration).  I hopped down lightly as usual.  Marley landed on the waterbed with an extra loud WHUMP!  An even HE looked queezy fer a minnit after that.  But he was OK.

He DID spent extra time at the litter boxes later though...

About Yesserdays Post:  We found fake hobbit feet online.

They are more acceptably furrier.  Do you think we should order some?  They do make his naked pink feets a LITTLE better-lookin...  We even bet he would wear them. But is it worth 20 green papers of treats?  

More update: Given the notice that The Old Reader is leavin general public service (an we unnerstand why), we have moved to Bloglovin, but we are missin somethin.  We can read blogs but not seem to comment.  What are we doin wrong?  We managed it at 2 friends, but not anny others.  It just SITS there an nothin happens.  This is all just awful...  HALP!

Ya know what WE think?  We talked to TBT about this. He thinks mebbe Google is expecting all the other RSS sites will get overrun an drownded by users and they, Google, will come back as a subscription site fer green papers...

We'd pay...  Are you listening Google Reader? 

In the meantime, can annyone tell us how to make Bloglovin werk.  Ya know like ta visit our friends?  We know its something simple we're missin.