Thursday, August 01, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  First, I wanna say we had another groundhoggy in the yard fer a week.  TBT couldnt figure out where it was livin, cuz they ALLUS burrow in unner the old toolshed and he couldnt find a new hole in the ground.  Mebbe he has filled up so many holes with our used litter that the area is all too smelly fer them.

But he did see it disappear once unner some vines coverin the old compost bin an he ripped them away (but found no hole).
He DID catch it an relocate it eventually (he relentented dispatchin them cuz he says digging a big enough hole on hot days to bury them was TOO MUCH TRUBBLE).

Then he found THIS unner a large patch of wild roses 30' away from the old toolshed!
It was more diggin than he ever saw around the old toolshed!  An its bigger than it looks too.  TBT figures it moved from the old compost bin to there on the last day.  Its all too fresh lookin an it rained some the day before.
We unnerstand that groundhoggies mostly like eatin clover.  The far-back "lawn" is mostly clover, an we sometimes find funny 6' arcs of grazed clover.  But they also like some of TBTs garden stuff an the tomaters are JUST startin ta ripen so he had to move it away.

So it wasnt the usual flower tour stuff, but I thought it all was kinna ecitin.

Now lets have some snacks!  Ayla has made some Nipmosas, an Marley has some of the Wellness Turkey and some Pounce treats out.  Lets go enjoy...