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Friday, August 02, 2013

Frustrating Friday

MARLEY:  Well, when we said the other day that we got Feedly lookin the way we wanted, we meant Bloglovin.  We HAVE a Feedly account, but the little scrap of paper with the password have snuck away, so TBT will have to contact them.

An he will only do that cuz we are havin trubbles with Bloglovin.  It looks about right, but we discovered last night that we cant get the comments to open on about 1/4 of our friends list.  The blogs open just fine, but not the comments box. 

So to Alasandra, Cory, Daisy, Derby, Jan, Mario, Meezers, Pikku, Chey, Miao, and Zooltry; we are readin but we cant comment.  And we havent even caught up with the whole list yet, so there may be others.  But with it bein several blogs all at once, it has to be either at Bloglovin or at our settings somehow.

TBT is tryin ta figure out what is wrong (an we are entirely sure it is HIS fault)!  But in the spirit of helpin him out, is annyone else using Bloglovin and havin the same problem?

We will have him sit down later and get our Feedly password and possibly reload the OPML file of our bloglist, but there are annoying contractors coming over in the afternoon to look at house improvements, and we go an hide the instant anny vehicles enters the driveway.  So its gonna be a disrupted day annyway.

But since we allus wanna post a picture, Im puttin up this one from a few days ago...  Why not, I really liked it.
We hope TBT gets evrythin figured out soon!