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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Caturday Photo Enhancement

AYLA: Well, when we saw in comments that the picture of the possum from yesterday  (the post below this one) was harder ta see than we realized (well WE had seen it direct so we knew what ta look for), we had TBT crop that part of the picture and play with the iPhoto adjustment features.
It really does stand out a lot better after some work.

Those possums really are UGLY things.  Seriously, can even POSSUMS like lookin at other possums?  They have nekkid pink feet like Beins, the "fur" is more like Beins heads goin all thin of "hair", they have useless little round ears like Beins (that cant move around), theres no fur on the face and their backsides are even kinna hairless.  Why, they are almost like, um, like *erk*,  Um, we think mebbe we better not go there...

But fer those of you what never seen one, heres the best we could get TBT (not a possum, no-sir-ee, no way) ta do!

TBT:  Thank you for "not going there", Ayla; but you might discover that treats are a bit scarce today.  Just a coincidence, of course.  AHEM!

Anyway, after I finished the photo adjustments, I noticed a really weird affect.  Those 2 silver lines are a reflection in the double glass deck door of a camera tripod inside the house.  The reflections precisely match the angled leg of a small table out on the deck.  I could never have done that deliberately if I tried for a week!