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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

We finally got back alla on the bed today.  TBT said it was "about time". 
But look  at Iza.   We are layin there on a warm waterbed, an none of us touch the least hard bottom.  But TBT happened ta put a bathmat on it while he was moppin-cleaning the  side baff room.  So she just NEEDED the extra cushiony mat to nap on.    She needed MORE cushiony than a waterbed?  What is more cushiony than the warmed waterbed? Must be SOMETHIN to it or she wouldnt be there, right?
Well darn, she got there before I did.  It just LOOKS softer, right?  It can't actally BE softer.  Darn, I wasn't paying attention...  And she sure looks likes she's got the Easy better than I did today. 

Still, ya can't get much softier than the waterbed.  Seriously, ya can't sink more into the waterbed that I am.  Can you?

I am feeling vaguely cheated an I cant figure out quite why...  An it bothers me that Marley doesnt care.  He says he is purrfectly comfy.  I dont unnerstand mancats sometimes.