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Friday, August 16, 2013

Its My Birfday!

MARLEY:  I am 3 years old today!  (Well, it showed up 45 minutes early but don't worry about that, its after midnight HERE!).  It seems like forever (well, to ME it HAS been forever).  So Im havin a PAWTY!!!

We are havin Awesomely Purrfect Chick-hen with pork stuffing...

Ham, Glorious Ham, coated in toona...
Wunnerful Live Dead Shrimps (marinated in silvervine)...
And Niptinis!    That blended primo fresh Nip leafs with JUST enough cream to make it smooth to lap AND some dried nip sprinkled on the top.  (Milk fer kittens)

There are boxes ta jump in an out of
And bags fer the same...
 The Puzzle Box will be out too.  Sometimes with mousies, sometimes with rattley balls, sometimes with treats.
There will be games too.  THoE, King of the Cat Tree, an TBT will dump ALL the toys out on the floor.  He will also create wand toy action, and will toss treats around randomly fer us to chase and eat.

So come visit annytime from now til midnight, we are gonna have a great time!

3 am UPDATE:  We just got werd that TBT has a MAJOR SURPRISE in the computer room (and we wondered why he was keepin the door closed).  He says its for Noon an ya won't wanna miss it.  

But now lets have a THoE down the long hallway.  Winner gets a handful of treats! An probly bangs inta the closed computer room door. 

4 AM Update:  The THoE challenge was a near tie between between The Swiss Cats and the We Are gang.  The We Ares won by a nosie and get a handful of treats from TBT!  And look at them chow down on those treats!  Well, they sure used a lot of energy, so they gotta replenish it.

5AM:  By The Way, its time fer sleepin fer a few hours.  So TBT is crawlin into bed and we are ALL welcome to pile on him fer the night.  An he's good fer sleepin on.   Legs, back, sides, arms, you name it.   So fer a few hours, this part of the pawty is "Nappin On TBT" on the waterbed!  Be creative!!!

8 AM:  Well that was some great "On TBT Nappin". We are awake again.  Are you?  Shall we have a bag jumpin game?   My Birfday is only 1/3 over...  BTW, the rumor is that TBT is gonna start tossin treats around on the floor a 9 AM...  Ya won't want to miss THAT!

9 AM:  Oh look, here comes TBT with a handful of treats!  Gather round friends, he is gonna start tossin them across the floors.  Grab anyone ya see, they skitter across the floor like ya wont beleef!  He does that at his dinnertime, but is doin it early today on account of so many of our friends bein here,

Marley here:  Toss, skitter, skitter, grabbed.  Tossed skitter grabbed.  Ya see how it werks?  He tosses, you chase and grab.  An he has JARS full of that stuff...  I'll chase a few myself...  Go fer them!  Its not a contest, ya just get ta eat what ya catch.

Oh, an iffen annyone doesn't catch just let TBT know an he'll make sure a few drop right in front of you.  No one misses out on treats here...

Update 10 AM:  We are gonna take a nother naps, cuz we all seem all kinna worn out right now.  But TBT is leavin the deck door open so that you kitties what feel safe bein out (and we DO have a BIG fence around the back yard so its an opportunity to the lesser outdoors cat) can nap out on the deck or even chase voles and mousies in the yard iffen ya want (the more catches the better).  But we will be back fer TBT's big surprise at Noon EDT,  (2 hours from now).  So lets all find the bestest places  ta nap (Ayla and Iza will show you all the foldy-towels an bed places an easy chairs).  

Update Noon:  OMC, we dint know such a thing was possible.    TBT has swung wide the computer door to reveal THIS:   

Its almost all meat!  And with low tables so we can get at it ourselfs!  He will be there to pick up bits for us iffen we are fainty from seein all the meat,  but he says we can just grab what we want too.  There is all kinna meats!  There are ground up meats, there are thin-sliced meats, there are fish meats, there is lunch meats, there are pig meats, Bast, evry kind I know of.  

An ignore those sauce bowls (those are just there fer the few Beins around), we can just JUMP UP THERE and grab whatever we want.  An its OK!!!  

I will (as host) have to wait fer you all to help yerselfs first, but dont make me wait too long or I will crash the line!  An I think I will just pig out and nap the rest of today.  See you in a few hours when I wake up again... ~ Marley