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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

Well, we had our routine for Easy Like Sunday all practiced (90 degree rotation nap-curls), but SOMEONE suddenly stood up when the camera "binged" on.

And THEN decided she needed to look out a window an would be back "later".  Seriously, shes the eldest in the house, so you would THINK she would know the routine.  I'm not identifyin myself cuz I might get in trubble with her and she is sneaky in pay-backs.  But really, we practiced the picture ALL day Saturday!  She did it to spite me, I'm sure.  ~ Iza

MARLEY UPDATE:  I wanna thank ALL of you who attended my Birfday Pawty Friday (and those who showed up early Saturday - We were still up and enjoyed your company too).  You all made it the BEST birfday pawty I've ever had (all 3 of them).  I had 128 unique visitors and 205 total (so a lot of you visited more than once).  That was the MOST visitors we have EVER had!

I especially want to thank Miles Meezer fer visitin, who had himself delivered in a box by the Bloo Shorts guy on an amazing tour he is doing.  After his visit, we got him back in his box and TBT attached the next label on the box to send him along to the Hotties.