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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mancat Monday On Tuesday

MARLEY:  I have discovered - FROGS!!!  The little pond is FULL of them.
I had been noticing some things jumping into the pond while I walked around the plants near the pond searchin fer mousies, but I could never quite figure out what they were, and when I did stop to sniff one, they werent warm like little critters OUGHT to be.
But the other day, finding no mousies, I decided to investigate the cold jumpy things more carefully.  After all, they DO move (even if a bit oddly), so there might be something to them.  After I studied their jumping patterns, I grabbed a couple and carried them away from the pond to see iffen they were good ta play with.
There ARE!  Ya gotta poke them in the butt a few times ta get them ta hop, but they are good fer chasin and grabbin again fer a few minnits.  After that, they just scrunch themselfs up tight and lay there all grumpy-like.
The legs are a bit tasty, but thats about all there is ta eat on them.  Still, they are fun ta catch.

TBT told me what they were when he saw I caught a couple, an he said they were LC's favrit toys.  That was neat ta learn!  Mebbe I'll get TBT ta take some pictures so you all can see what ta look for around ponds.

BTW, when ya pick them up in yer mouf, get them by the head.  They pee when grabbed!  I discovered that the hard way...