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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Oh Yay, Breakfast!

Ayla:  It's dawn an TBT is up ta give us our favrit foods.  Its Wellness chicken! We think it doesnt get better than that.  We did the food dance aroun his legs.  He is good at dodging us, but we really werk at gettin in there ta show him how happy we are.  We are PRETTY sure he likes that cuz he uses our names a lot when we do...

First, the can is opened.  Then we can smell it.  After that, he puts it into our 3 bowls.  Iza an Marley get their small bowls in larger bowls cuz they shove them unner the cabinets iffen not the large heavy bowls.  I dont of course.

I get mine up on the top of the shoe rack.  I like it up there.  Even dear Marley will eat my food iffen I dont have it all high.  An even then I have to try to eat fast.  Marley has learned to jump up on the shoe rack.  But I'm safe to eat for an hour.  Marley doesn't come lookin fer foods fer a while after he has his own bowl.
Its hard bein the smallest cat in the house sometimes.  But TBT watches over me eatin an strokes me while I eat up there, so I do eat an get my fill.  That even helps me wanna eat.  I even gained 2 pounds the past 2 years.  Really, I went from 5.5 pounds to 7.5 pounds, so I guess its werks. 

I've gotten kinna fussy about even the other good Stinky Goodnesses.  I just want the Wellness.  Well, who wouldnt?