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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday


I thought I was gonna have ta cancel the Garden Tour today cuz it started ta rain, but the clouds went away an it is all sunny now.  But the grass is still wet, so iffen ya wanna keep yer paws dry, stay on the flat stones that go along the edge of the flowers.

But first, I have these weerd Caladiums ta show you. Arent they colorful?
Look closer though.  Guess how many plants are in that planter?  Just 4!  Theres the plain white/green, the solid red center, the almost all pink, and the white/green with bright red veins.  So even on the same plant, some leafs can look a bit differnt than the others.
Now lets go look and the lawn level flowers...  Theres this bush with small blue flowers.  I ferget what its called and quite frankly I dont wanna go crawl inta that wet stuff ta look at the label.  TBT says he is gonna dig it up an move it someplace by itself cuz it gets sorta lost in the back there.
The orinj Marigolds  are finally bloomin nicely.  They were a bit slow this year.
The Black-Eyed Susans are thriving.  They were originally in a shadier place, but have been movin toward sunnier places ever since.  So this year TBT dug most of them up an put them in a better spot an they are happier.

A lot of them came from one of the paths here.  Yet even after he dug up all the little plants he found, look at all the ones that grew in their place!  They must have been seeds that grew later.  We are gonna enlarge the new spot this Fall an move these guys too cuz its hard ta walk on the path when the bees are busy.
Now lets have some treats back up on the deck.  TBT says it is too close to dinnertime for real food, so we will just have Pounce treats an Catmopolitans today...