Sunday, August 25, 2013

7th Blogiversary Mousie Hunt

AYLA:  Well, as the eldest cat here, I will be coordinatin our Blogiversary Mousie Hunt!  Marley an Iza will be outside helpin our guests find the best mousie holes.  They brought TBT around earlier today ta have him take some pictures of some of them.

Some of you esperienced mousers will note that there are other good places around the yard (a pile of stones, a compost bin, some overgrown area near the back fence, etc).  Feel free to hunt those places too.  There are also several Nip plants around too.  Those are available fer nibblin on, but try not ta roll on them too much.  There are froggies in the pond.  Yer welcome to catch them too...

TBT hopes we will catch and eat as many as possible.  But dont ferget ta drop a few live ones in the bucket near the deck door, cuz TBT is gonna dump some in the bath tub for the inside-only cats to grab an play with too.

We dont espect anny cat will go hungry with all the mousies we have around, but there will be bowls of Stinky Goodness and some kibble in the kitchen.  I will be inside to make sure our teleport tunnel stays werkin properly, to keep order around the bath tub, and to let TBT know when we need more from the bucket.

Dont ferget that there is a big tall fence completely around the back yard, so ya dont hafta worry about anny wanderin woofies (no offense to your friendly ones).

Also, I will post a few updates ta let those who cant visit during the Hunt read about it later.

Its 6 pm here, so LET THE HUNT BEGIN!

UPDATE:  The outside cats have caught a BUNCH of mousies, and after many were played with and ate, there were enough in the bucket to bring to the tub inside.  TBT dumped them in and I formed a line of the inside-only cats to take turns gettin a mousie.
But the line dint last long an everyone piled in.  It was FANTASTICAL!

UPDATE:  Well, its midnight here, all the mousies left outside are hiding deep.  There are no mousies left in the bath tub an evry inside-only cat that wanted one got one.  If anny outside-allowed cat didnt get one, they licked their lips an pretended they did, MOL!

The last guest ported out through the tunnel a few minnits ago, so we are all goin to bed now.  Thanks fer coming to our Mousie Hunt! 

7th Blogiversary

We have made it to 7 years of bloggin!  Well, not US ezactly.  We werent here at the start.  It was Skeeter and LC back then.  But we overlapped (its never been less than 2 of us), so we figure it counts.

TBT has routinely done a post about the blog beginnings, and that IS HERE.  But we wanna do somthin differnt this year.

Ayla arrived here almost a year before Skeeter hadda go over the Bridge.  Iza arrived about a year before LC decided she hadda join Skeeter cuz she missed him so much (an saw there were two to take care of TBT when she left).

An the blog title DID change from "Skeeter and LC" to "Mark's Mews" when he had to realize that things were gonna be a-changin about who of us kitties were around.  But its been the same blog all the time, with TBT takin pictures and us kitties writin as best we could (slightly edited by TBT when absolutely required).

We have made 2416 posts, gotten about 148,000 visitors (not much by some blog standards, but WE are AMAZED), and made SO MANY friends along the way.  Some of those friends have gone over the Bridge themselfs, some have just stopped bloggin, some have gone off into media TBT doesnt want to get involved with, and some have refocussed their blogs so that there is hardly anny cat presence.  Well, things change an we unnerstand that.  We (including Skeeter and LC) have loved evry kitty we have ever visited or who has visited us.

Since we just hadda big Birfday Pawty fer Marley, we dont really wanna have another big one.  But we (Ayla, Iza, an Marley) still wanna celebrate in some way.  So we had this idea we got from when Skeeter an LC were here.


It will start at 6pm EDT (cuz the mousies just WONT come out before then).  No kitty has to worry about bein outside, cuz the fence stops woofies an evil deer and such.  We will note where the active mousie holes are the day before.  We have TOO MANY mousies in the big back yard, so there will be plenty fer all.  You can dead and eat only half of all the mousies ya catch.  Thats cuz we need to bring in some mousies fer the kitties what are just not used ta the outside, and they need some fun too.

So every 2nd mousie we catch outside, we bring (alive) to the deck door where TBT has a plastic bucket.  We drop them in, an TBT will take them to the dry baftub wif the closed plug an dump them in a few atta time so those who cant go out can have the WUNNERFUL esperience at grabbin some ta see what it is like. 

EVRY kitty should discover the thrill of grabbin a real mousie.

Plus we will sing our "Mousie Come Out And Play Song" so you can use it too back home.  It works great.

"Mousie mousie, come out an play,
We have cheddar cheese today.
Old chees fer new,
New chees fer old,
An all we want ta do is play.

We're just little things like you.
The only thing we want to do
Is sing our song,
You sing your song
And we will dance around wif you.

Joyful meeting you our friend,
We wish this time could never end.
But we we have other mice to meet 
And we have other mice to EAT
BWA-HA-HA more mice to eat! "

After dark, we will sit around and discuss our esperiences catchin mousies an we can get as technical as we want about claws in furs, neck-bites, and flippin them up to grab them comin down. etc.  An we will respect the newby esperiences of those who just grabbed a mousie in the inside bathtub fer the first time.

We know that seems a bit structured, so after that we will just all run around all crazy-pants inside an burn off all those mousie-calories as we go up an down the cat trees and jump around in the boxes and then even nap.  We figure there are twenty-eleven good nappin placin NOT countin the big watery-bed what could could 30 kittehs without touchin each other (more of course if you like touching).!

And we have the newly crabilated calibrated tunnel to get you all home safely no matter how tired or stuffed you are.