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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

Welcome to the garden tour!  Since most of the flowers look the same as the last tour, I am showing the section Ive avoided fer a few weeks.  From back here, ya can see the 2 sections of Black Eyed Susans (the 2nd is in the far back right) with the ornge Zinnia in the middle.  Its the cheerfulest part of the garden right now.

I had a reason ta kind of not show the Zinnias recently.  Ya can see in this old picture from June that they looked nice when first planted.  Not very full, but nice an orderly an clean...

But look at THIS picture from last week!  They are all full of WEEDS.  I hadda bug TBT fer 3 WEEKS ta get in there an get those weeds OUT!
So he finally did, and see how they look today?  MUCH nicer.  That empty spot in front is where he planted a Wave Petunia that he saved indoors from last Fall and it finally died.  Well, it was an annual flower, so I guess it figured it had done its best and was too old ta keep blooming.
Come an look at the Zinnias close up.  They are very pretty an lush an we had never grown them before.  We looked inna catalog an saw there are other colors, so we are gonna try several different ones next year.
It is nice an sunny an dry today, so lets have some snacks out on the lawn!  We have chopped-up chick-hen breast sprinkled with bacon bits ta nom on, along with Niptinis made with leafs we picked just today.

Thank you all for coming!