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Monday, September 02, 2013

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Some kitties asked whether I do the "Monorail Marley" on TBTs computer chair while he is using it.

I do.  Here is proof...

But ya wont see TBT often.  Hes not really photogenic, iffen ya know what I mean.  He looks older than he thinks he does, MOL!  He thinks he is still 35 ecept when he has to lift something REALLY heavy.  Then he knows he isnt 35.

I know, I know, he is gettin oldish.  But ya should have seen his Grampa at the same age.  I've seen the pictures, and his Grampa looked a hunnert at the same age.  Slackin jowls, double chins, blue veins on the arms, etc.  Gruesome!  His Grampa had more hair though.

TBT was showin us his old pictures (the kind what were printed on special shiny paper years ago), an we can see the differences. 

It seems ta me that Beins are gettin old slower than they used to do.  TBT says that we kitties are generally livin longer too.  Mebbe we all spent more time inside.

But mostly I wanted ta show ya ME on the 'puter chair.  I like bein close to him. 

Tummy Tuesday, Interrupted

IZA: WELL!  I was SPOSED to do the TUMMY  TUESDAY on the otto-man, but Marley was in the way.  I TOLD him I needed the space, but he wouldnt get off.  And last time I tried to push him away, he just refused to leave.
Marley, would you please just LEAVE?  I have a photoshoot ta do.
Darn, he says he is too comfortable there. I am thoroughly annoyed.
Is there another spot we can use?
NO?  OK, I'll be up on my cat tree while you werk this out.  Bang on the platform when its time for my closeups...  And get some Nip in there while Im waiting,  I need to relax...

What DO you do with a big Stubborn Boycat like that?  He said he was nappin there first and it was his right to stay there.  I cant whap him off.  We weigh about the same but he is way stronger than I am. 


Monday Afternoon Update:  Oh Mouse-Droppings!  We messed up the scheduling-thing... But we'll just leave this up...