Sunday, September 08, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  Im doin the Easy on the fancy blankie on the cat tree today.  You can tell its fancy cuz it has little kitties all over it.
Iza is doin the Easy with me.  She hasnt done that too often lately (I mean up in the cat tree with me).

Im glad shes on a platform the same level as me.  When she is above, she tends to reach down and tap me until I get annoyed an leave.  But shes bein good today.
Marley is doin his Easy in the bedroom.  He spends most of the night sleepin in the cat tree, so he needs a change of place durin the daytime.
TBT laffs at our indoor habits sometimes.  I spend most of the daytime on the big bed, Iza lounges on the cat tree when shes not following TBT around the house, and Marley naps on the otto-man when hes not outside.  Then at night, Marley and I sleep on the cat tree while Iza sleeps on the big bed.  At dawn, after Im done merfing around the house carrying my cloth mouse, I go nap on the bed, and Marley joins us there later.  TBT is good fer another few hours after dawn, so Marley and I have a few hours sleepin with him.

Hope ya all had a great Easy today!