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Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Blog Template


Well, as we mentioned a couple days ago, our blog template went all FLOOEY!

We all gathered around TBT yesterday to werk at getting it good again.  With suggestions from all of us (like "Ooh, we like THAT"), we got something pretty much like we had, and in some ways a bit better.

But I've been banned from the room fer a few days (except to post this unner the watchful claws of Ayla an Marley).  Ya see, I walked on the keyboard...

I don't know what I did (an neither does TBT), but I did SOMETHING that made our blog title at the very top a BIG SOLID GREEN BLOCK that was half the size of the monitor screen and no werds in it and we couldn't get rid of it. 

TBT was REALLY pissed, but of course he just picked me up in the Living Room and told me he loved me but I couldn't come in the computer room fer a while cuz he just couldnt fix all the problems I caused with my feets. 


I sat up on the top of TBTs computer chair and Ayla sat on the windowsill to stay out of the way while TBT tried to fix the bloggie.  We gave some feedback (like "Ooh, we like THAT"), but we let him fight with the template options and stayed OFF the keyboard.  We dont wanna be banned from the room fer days like Iza.

He never did figure out why the blog title went away and made the BIG GREEN BOX or how to fix it, but he DID find a way to make it very small and transparent.  So right now, we have no blog title, but at least there isnt 8" of green space.

It does occur to me that iffen he had been more witful, he could have taken screenshots of the bad blog template.  But ya know how Beins get sometimes.  They dont think into the future like we do.

So annyway, with our help an advice, he did get somethin tolerable.  Its still not what he wants and may be playing around with things a lot fer a while.


I noticed something I wasnt sure iffen I should mention.  I had this thought that TBT could put our blog name in the picture he puts at the top.  Well, when I DID mention it, he held me in his front legs and got me some treats!  So I guess it was a good idea.  TBT says it is temporary, but that temporary is better than never.