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Friday, September 13, 2013


We got a birdie a few days ago!  We say "we" because we know TBT kinna likes those red ones, so we dont tell him just who got it,  in case he decides ta get hissy about it.
It was all dedded though by the time he saw it up on the deck, so we could play with it.  He NEVER bothers us about critters what are already dedded.
Ayla spent the most time with it on the deck.  She had fun pullin the long tail fevvers out and nibblin at it.
But we had all just had lunch, so none of us felt like going through all the trubble of pulling the downy fevvers off ta get at the meaty parts.
So after a while, TBT tossed it over the fence to the side yard.  Amazingly, the birdies are never there the next morning.

TBT kept the long red fevvers, and sometimes he tosses a few in the air for us to swat at as they float down.  Thats fun!

Pee Ess:  With this new template, it looks like we can post the pictures "extra large".  At least WE see them as stayin within the borders.  Let us know iffen you cant see the whole pictures and we will stick with just "large".