Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bad Photoshop Elements Werk

IZA:  We use Photoshop Elements a lot here.  Cropping, exposure an color adjustments, an retouch fer those slightly indelicate bottom shots (whoopsies).  But very often fer the dreaded "red-eye" that Ayla an I are prone to (not Marley, though, HIS eyes just get yellow sometimes an not a thing he can do about it).  But TBT can usually fix our red-eye.

But not allus!  So I decided ta show you how bad the "fix" can get.  Sometimes, even TBT can't get our eyes right...


Here I am after the red-eye was out an it seems that I am reflectin a lamp what was on near the camera.  Or it may have been the flashy from the camera.  He couldnt get rid of that no way, and I sure begged and cried about it.
This one was even worse.  Same set of pictures...
What was a tiny slit of red became a weerd round black eye.  Ya JUST cant trust that red eye thing sometimes.

Oh, for the record, I was lookin at a moth on the deck door, but TBT managed the (probably) only angle that ruined the picture.  There is sure a reason fer him to have a digital camera.  Most pictures he takes are bad, but some are REALLY REALLY SERIOUSLY BADDER than others.  Like those above.  He kept those cuz he thought I looked funny.  But I turned the tables around on him!  That's not quite right, but I cant amember exactly how the phrase goes.  You get the idea, I hope.

An since he banned me from the computer room fer several days cuz I was creative [TBT:  IZA!] OK, messed up stuff by walkin on the keyboard, I thought I should post about his utter ineptitude [IZA...] um, "blameless misfortunes" with the camera.

Just fer a laff, right?