Sunday, September 15, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

We were all sharin the bed today.  Ok, OK, it WASNT today.  We confess.  This was LAST week!
But we have an "Excuse 'Moi" Thats cool French, right?  Excuses sound elegenter in French.
It means we beg yer pardon cuz the camera got lost fer a week an TBT only found it TODAY when we were done with the EASY an were outside.  Ya see, he "put the camera down in a known place while he was doing somethin where he wouldnt ferget where it was" an he DID!  Forget where it was, we mean.
He searched the house fer days.  Even had a hoorible thought of it being in the pocket of the clothes he was washin (it wasnt).  Searched inside an outside.  Checked the car.  He even checked the refrigerator an the M/V super hot box.

Then he had to drive somewhere to get his foods, an he ammebered suddenly stopping fer a "red light".  Is that annythin like "red eye"?  Well, actally, it IS a red circle he can ignore fixin our pictures...

But stuff shifted forwards when he stopped suddenly.  An he thought to look on the floor of the passenger seat.  There it was! 

We're not making escuses fer him.  Hes really forgetful sometimes.  He could NEVER live outside on his own, iffen ya know what we mean.  He would starve to death with mousies an grasshppers ALL around him.

But he's bright with house an car stuff, so he found the camera.  Well, its better to find it in the noisy machine car than outside in the rain  WE are glad he found it, cuz not finding it would have meant more green papers and less treats fer us.