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Monday, September 16, 2013

Mancat Monday - Froggy Handling

MARLEY:  I mentioned handling frogs recently, but I dint show it well.  Well, today I am doing that.

First, see the head grab?  Thats impawtant.  
 Frogs do a nasty at the other end. Ya want to shake that out of them. 
So always carry them by the head!
Dont worry, it seems they dont have teeth...
The neck is OK, especially when ya want ta get them in the house.  They slightly don't show to the Beins as much that way. But mine is good at spotting me carryin them.  I hope yours is worse.
But ya gotta let them go iffen ya wanna play with them.  Here, ya see me lookin away ta get the froggie ta jump thinkin Im not watchin.
 It never werks fer the froggie.  I'm tappin it ta remind it Im there.
 Sometimes it takes several taps...
OK, its playing dead (an it ISNT).  They DO that.  Moles and mousies squeek and run.  Froggies pretend they are dead.  DONT be fooled.

And BTW the legs are the only really good parts ta eat...