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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Avast, ya scuppers, be One-Eye Iza here representin fer the crew.  Ye be bothering to show yer blades ta us an ye'll pay.  Iffen ya see a ship with our flag...
ya best let it be left alone.  Fer we have the heads of huge owls an giants rats who have tried their luck against us linin our fos'cle an bowsprits and their bodies hangin down the rudder!

Me eye, ya dare ask?  Well, that could get yer claws clipped matey, but Im in a good mood with the Nip being handed round so easly tonite.  Yes, ah, its good ta be in port again...

Oh, I was sayin...  It were a hard fight with the weasels aboard the their flagship, 'The Lying Words', and they were screamin at us ta beat the battens.  But we knew we could take them in spite of all their weaselly werds. 

We boarded them afore they were ready and met them claw to claw!  As Captain, I found theirs and we clawed it out up an down the riggins.  He got a claw in me eye as I got mine in his belly an pulled up wif all me might.  It was over when he fell like a chewed kibble, and his crew caved like mousies trapped in a bafftub!!!

I felt kindlier to the weasel crew.  They be chicken-farmer scuppers drugged and forced inta ship labor.  All they ever wanted ta be was home.  And I LOVE chicken!  But there be a law of the sea.  Ya crew an fight, there be the judgement of the WATER!

I made them lubbers walk the plank, my sword poking their butts sharply.  But I made sure there was a raft below an I knew the waves we all trust would take them to the shore soon enough.

But now we be off in questin fer another ship of the giant rats, and we feel no mercy of Neptune ta THEM!  I be keepin my one good eye at the 'scope watchin fer the Cheese Flag...

Be there calm seas an frightened crews on the vessels ye board!!!