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Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Little Nice Speech

TBT:  The Cat Blogosphere is international.  Sometimes "we" get comments in languages "we" (sadly) do not understand, sometimes we get translated comments into English that take some thought to understand.  Any failure of understanding is on my part, of course.  More people can read and speak "English" than I can other languages. 

So I thought this a good time to say thank you to them...

Dankie -Afrikaans
Ke a leboga -Sepedi
Danke - Dutch
ngyabonga -zulu
Merci -french
grazi- Italian
Spasibo- Russian
doumo arigatou- Japanese

There were more, but it was either 10 languages or 1,000 and I thought 1,000 too many to post.  I do apologize for those not mentioned, but trust us here at Mark's Mews that we appreciate the comments and do our best to see the care in your words...