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Monday, September 23, 2013

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Most times, I stay out in the rooms with TBT or on the big waterbed with Ayla to keep her company.  But sometimes I curl up in the cat tree cubbys cuz I can watch TBT and several rooms. 
An when Iza is on the waterybed with Ayla (which does happen),  its the best place to snoopervise TBT knowin Ayla has catpanionship...
I just keep my special Mancat Watch over the house from here for a while.  
I'm not nappin!  I just try ta watch when no one thinks I am.  Notice that my ears are forward-listenin.  I can see TBT in his chair at the TV, the deck door, the kitchen, an the top of the stairs from here.
See how a the tiny sound of a moth at the deck door brought me to full alertness?   I am allus watchful!