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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Out With The Old!

IZA:  I am SO thrilled!  The old Ess was SO ripped up, I could hardly get a grip on it anymore...  Obviously, I only use the top curve.
I dont know about you, but I like the UP part of the top and the UP part of the bottom. I ripped up that bottom pretty good too.
The low parts dont innerest me at all.  Well, OK, sometimes I sit on the low parts.
So LOOK what showed up...  A BRAND NEW ESS!!!
Oh bootiful new Ess, I love you so...  I will rip you apart with care and love.

There is even a brand new toy unnerneath that looks like it MIGHT stay attached (the old one came loose evry time I tried to play with it).
Here they are side-by-side.  Quite a difference, huh?
I like the sleek new bloo look, too!  
Naturally, I went right to werk on the new one...
Sorry iffen Im a bit blurry there, but I was pretty active.
Nothin like somethin new ta get the workout goin...
I did stop an take a look at the old one fer a minnit.  Lots of great memories there, and it deserved some thanks fer all the good times.  So "thank you old Ess", but goodbye. 
OK, enough of THAT, back to the new one!
TBT says he is gonna try to remove the old carpet an cut new carpet ta glue to the old ESS.  Good luck on THAT!  Bet THAT wont last a week with ME.

Oh, um, yeah, Thanks TBT fer it.  I better tell him that.