Thursday, September 26, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Thanks fer comin to our garden tour this week.  I have good things ta show.
The Asters and Sedums are bloomin.  The asters get a bit flobby.  I KEEP tellin TBT they need a fence ta support them.  Each year he agrees but fergets.
There is a lot of those Asters.  An they really ARE pretty.
The Mums were late to start, but are really startin to show off.  
 The PINK asters are bloomin too. 
Ya gotta admire those Zinnias, they been bloomin since June!  More of those next year.
Im pretty sure this is a weed, but I kinna like it.  I told TBT to leave it be there.  Iffen it spreads, he will have to pull it up, but I hope it doesnt.
The Hydrangea are fading.   They are neat though.  They opened white, turned pinkish, then green.
Well, lets do something a bit different this week.  Lets all sit on the top of the deck rails where we can see all the garden.  TBT says he will bring out a constant offerring of dry treats an evrykitty will have their own small bowl of freash crushed Nip leafs from our yard!