Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Tonkie Tuesday

IZA:  Well, yesserday, ya saw Marley huntin fer frogs.  Froggie-huntin is too WET fer me, so I stick with mousies.  Although, I WILL say that when Marley gets a froggie out on the lawn I dont mind givin it a few taps myself ta watch it jump.

But annyway, I was huntin mousies today.  I found a newish-lookin hole and investigated it.
I stuck a paw in an clawed around but I dint feel anything.  These mousies [TBT:  voles actually]  use mole tunnels ta move around in, so ya hafta feel down then sideways an thats a bit awkward.  Plus, its not like reachin down into a regular mousie hole where they live.  Iffen there isnt one just happenin ta walk past, yer outta luck.
So ya gotta sit real still and listen (an sniff) fer one comin along and grab in fast.
I have much better luck sittin near the holes by the trees an listenin fer rustlin leafs.  Its a lot easier when theyre above ground and making some noise.  But they dont come out of the mole tunnels much until dusk.