Thursday, October 03, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday


Welcome to the Garden Tour!  Today we are touring just one part of the garden.  TBT fergot it was Thursday an watered the other part all over so it is completely ICKY WET!

So see the lovely Sedum!  There are 3 of them, but this one looks best.  The flowers will get darker red real soon.  They are great plants cuz they just keep comin back evry year and dont mind iffen they get dry.  TBT tells me they are about 15 years old now.
The Mums are doin OK.  We never remember to trim them in June, so they get all leggy and there arent as many flowers that way.  But they still look nice.
The Marigolds have been bloomin all Summer, so thats always a cheerful-lookin spot.
These are Goldenrods.  No, they arent the things that make yer Beins sneeze.  Those are Ragweed, which grows in the same places as Goldenrod and flower at the same time.  But their flowers are nearly invisible, so Goldenrods get all the blame.  These have been bloomin less the past few years, so they may be ready ta just not come back some year soon.
Thats all the dry places we can get at today.  Lets lay around on the lawn and nibble some fresh Nip while we trade stories about ecitin things we've done lately!