Saturday, October 05, 2013

An Apology To Marley

TBT:  I messed up yesterday.  As I was walking the backyard, I found a dead mouse.  It had some flies on it, so I figured it was abandoned and tossed it over the fence (to not encourage scavengers to seek food in our backyard).   I should have recognized it was a relatively fresh kill because it was still soft and flexible...

What can I say, I just wasn't thinking.  Marley came running up a few minutes later, checking the spot.  After a minute, he stared right at me accusingly.  BUSTED!  I had to confess to him I had tossed his mousie away.

I tried to go find it.  I'm usually good at finding "nature's leftovers".  But I couldn't find it.  I wasn't going to encourage Marley to go out in the front yard to look for it either.  I don't want him thinking the front yard is a good place to be.

So I called him inside and gave him extra treats.  We decided that was a fair exchange...

Sorry for no pictures, it wasn't a good camera opportunity.